Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flea Market Furniture Makeover!

I am addicted to the flea market.  It is the healthiest serotonin high you can get!  Recently my daughter and I spent a few hours at the flea market.  We both needed a new desk.  AND, we both found what we were looking for!  I will share what I purchased in my next post.  

Sarah needed a smaller desk, because of the size of her room.  This project I am going to show is a flea market furniture makeover.  With my husbands help, it turned out great!!!
If there was ever a diamond in the rough, this little table was it!  The legs were rotten, broken, and uneven.   The top of the table was in horrible condition! But, we knew it was the right size.  We knew we had a special handyman at home that would help us with the vision we had in mind.

 And, the price was right - $15!
We think that this table at some point, was left out in the elements.  What a sad top!
These are antique victorian staircase spindles.  We thought these would make great legs.  Don't you love a pair of great legs?  We got all four of these for $20.
The project started with my husband removing the original legs.
He had to be careful to not damage the frame.
After he measured, he cut all the legs to be the exact same length.  He then attached the legs with long screws.  He drilled the screws in at an angle to attach securely to the frame.
Next came my part of the project - the sanding!  I do not like sanding Sam I am.  
After the sanding was complete I began to add the stain.  What a difference!!!
Okay, NEW FAVORITE PRODUCT!  I have always used Miniwax poly-stain.  And it always did fine, but the wait time for drying was too long, especially for an impatient person like me.  Then I tried Cabot poly-stain, and WOW!  The dry time was so quick, even on a rainy day!  I'm in love!
I also applied one coat of the Cabot poly-stain to the legs.
Great legs!
I love the contrast of the different wood stain of the legs, and the top of the desk

The finished project.  A tag team effort by the Davenport's!  Too fun!
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Inspired by you said...

Cleaned up so nicely!

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