3 Tips To Lay A Rug Over A Carpet

Experiment with colors and patterns

As a rule of thumb, you should start by pairing rugs and carpets according to their tones: warm tones (such as browns, yellows, reds, and greens) go together, and the same goes for cool colors (such as pinks and blues). If your carpet is plain, you can try out a rug with a bold pattern to create a dramatic look and the style of the room. However, try not to mix patterned carpets with rugs. This combination tends to be too much, and it doesn’t add interest to the rug. Since the broadloom is harder to replace than area rugs, you can move them around and try out different combinations that infuse the room with visual interest.

Keep the rug in place

Area rugs can move around on the carpet just as they move on hardwood floors. Depending on the material of the carpet and the rug, the latter will move more or less, but it won’t stay in place. But instead of sliding around like on a smooth surface, on a carpet they tend to wrinkle and ripple, which can be present a tripping hazard. This happens because the rug doesn’t slide entirely on the carpet. One section of the rug moves while the rest remains in place. To prevent this, you may anchor the rug in place with furniture. For example, put the front legs of sofas or chairs on top of the rug to frame the sitting area. Depending on how heavy your furniture is, you might want to anchor the rug with furniture on all sides. Another option is rug pads. These are non-slip pads designed to keep rugs in place above smooth surfaces or broadloom. There are pads specially made to keep area rugs from moving over carpets. But they also prevent color transfer from the backing of the rug to the carpet and reduce friction.

Protect your carpet

Besides using rug pads, area rugs and runners can work wonders to help preserve your carpet. For example, you can protect the carpet on your stairs from wear and tear with a runner rug, but make sure to secure the rug to the floor and not just the carpet. You’ll also need stair rods to keep the runner rug in place over your stairs. Similarly, you can place a runner rug over a hall or another high traffic area. To keep the edges of the rug in place, try out rug grips. They’re plastic or rubber pieces that are placed on the back of the rug to keep its edges from wrinkling and curling up.

Area rugs can be a great addition to a carpeted room. They can help protect the carpet and provide a whole new look to the room with extra colors and textures. Make sure to keep the rugs in place with pads, stair rugs, and grips to reduce the risk of slipping or tripping.

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